The second wave of Covid has wreaked havoc around India. Millions of people have been infected due to this deadly virus, and thousands of people lost their life. The second wave has been much severe and ruthless. More people needed oxygen support in this wave. Many people got into critical condition because they did not monitor the oxygen level. So, it’s essential to monitor oxygen levels regularly to track if there is any deterioration. It helps you keep a constant eye if someone is infected with corona.

You can use a pulse oximeter at home to monitor the oxygen level anytime. However, like every disaster becomes an opportunity for some people, some companies are manufacturing poor quality devices to take advantage of the situation. So, you must buy a good quality oximeter. In this article, we will discuss how to use an oximeter and see which is the best to use at home.

How to Use a Pulse Oximeter at Home?

Make your body relaxed before using an oximeter.
Ensure your hand is clean and there is no nail paint or henna on your finger.
Your hands should be at normal temperature. If it is cold, warm it to ensure the oximeter works accurately.
Now place the oximeter on the index or middle finger.
Place the hand on your chest beside your heart and don’t move the hand for some time.
The oximeter will start reading your pulse and display the oxygen level. Keep it on your finger for about one minute till the reading stabilizes.
Check and record the highest reading on the oximeter after observing it for five seconds.

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